If you have a design you want to produce, a sketch of a furniture piece on a napkin, need a gift that will become an heirloom or parts made for a building, contact me to discuss your project. I like challenging projects that incorporate unfamiliar techniques and materials. Throw me a curve!

Many projects are easy to price. If you have a well fleshed out design or want a copy or variation of one of my existing pieces or an antique, I will give you a proposal with a fixed price and estimated delivery date. Upon receipt of a 50% deposit I will generate shop drawings, purchase materials and put you on the schedule.

On occasion there are projects that for various reasons are so difficult to price that an estimate is little more than a guess, and some clients prefer to make changes after work has begun. In rare cases like that it is more fair to both parties to work on a time and materials basis, understanding that the final cost may be more or less than initially estimated.

For custom work, an accurate price follows upon a thorough development of the design. You and I come up with as complete a concept as possible based on your needs using sketches, photos and discussion and I will come up with a preliminary drawing and estimate. If that seems workable I ask for a deposit of 10% of the estimate for design development that  will be rolled into the final project cost.  When the design has been worked out to your satisfaction I will generate a proposal including detailed drawings, contract price, terms, and estimated delivery date. If you agree with the proposal, a 50% deposit will get your project in the schedule. For some larger scale projects, a progressive payment schedule may be worked out. 


I can arrange to deliver my work personally in Vermont and nearby states. For further away,smaller pieces can be boxed or crated and shipped by UPS or FedEx. For larger pieces I can arrange for a blanket wrapped delivery service that will pick up the piece, wrap and deliver and set it up in your space. Of course you may opt to pick up your order at my shop by appointment, and you are always welcome to visit to observe progress on your order. I do have to charge Vermont sales tax on work delivered in Vermont and also on work that I personally deliver outside of the state.