Kevin Jenness

I have been making a wide variety of things from wood including furniture, cabinets, doors, boxes, bowls and architectural millwork for over 35 years. I combine a love and intimate knowledge of wood with an appreciation of proportion and design and both hand and machine based skill to produce pieces my clients and their descendants will enjoy for many years to come.

My design philosophy is to find an elegant practical solution to functional requirements using the structural and decorative characteristics of wood and complementary materials. I enjoy solving puzzles and coming up with new ways of doing things while adhering to high standards.

I produce work to commission as well as limited production of certain designs. Recently I started working in the digital realm using a computer controlled router to produce parts with greater accuracy and economy including inlays, carved details, templates and curved mouldings for my own work and for other small shops.

I started out as an assistant to my father in his carpentry business and worked on construction crews on school vacations until I graduated from Reed College and decided to become a wood craftsman. I trained on the job in several small cabinet shops in Maine and Oregon before deciding I was ready to set out on my own in 1983.

"I produce work to commission as well as limited production of certain designs."

I operated as a one man show until 2001 when I took a job as a cabinetmaker at a nearby custom home design-build company, Birdseye Building Co. (  During that time I built my own house and shop from lumber harvested from our 40 acre woodlot, raised two sons with my wife Michele and read widely about wood technology and furniture design with an emphasis on Asian and Craftsman traditions


The Workshop

Kevin Jenness Studio

The workshop houses a sizeable collection of hand tools and vintage and modern machinery.